Bullion. Digitally Save Today To  Purchase Gold Coins in The Future. 

Wealth preservation--fractions of a gram at a time.

Join our online buyer's club. Purchase gold coin credits today--redeem them in the future.

Most people look to gold as the world standard in wealth management. For thousands of years, people from all cultures have protected their wealth by holding portions of their portfolios in pure gold. The beautiful American Gold Eagle created by the United States Mint are forged in 22-carat pure gold. Instead of purchasing the entire coin all at once, Bullion allows you to purchase your coins in one dollar ($1.00) increments. Once you have enough Bullion tokens in your secure, encrypted Bullion Wallet you will be able to redeem them for your own 22-carat American Gold Eagle coin sent fully insured directly to your home or office anywhere in the United States----free of charge. Bullion Wealth Preservation Club is a private club for members only.


Bullion Token's Unique Features

Private Closed System

Our closed system concept is private and allows for the highest degree of security.

Instant USD Profits

Each ABA has the benefit of instant profits on current Bullion holders who choose to trade.

USD Backed

Members save 1 USD per token for equity credits in 22-carat American Eagle Coins.


Bullion members can buy, sell, and trade between themselves and local ABAs.


Our intuitive app allows you to keep track of your token credits as well as all of your Bullion transactions.

Wealth starts out one token credit at a time.

A long journey starts with the first step. Wealth managers suggest to their client to hedge against inflation with gold. Not everyone, including small investors, has the near $1,500+ USD to purchase an American Gold Eagle gold coin. Bullion Wealth Preservation Club we allow you to purchase tokens pegged to the USD on our closed system to save up to purchase your American Gold Eagle coins at a date in the future when you have a sufficient amount of tokens to purchase one. 

Redeem for gold with just one click!

Once you reach the redemption price you simply click the "REDEEM" button and our system has all of your pertinent data as well as your preferred delivery address. Your current token balance would instantaneously reflect your new balance with the cost of the gold coin subtracted from it. Within 24 hours, your American Gold Eagle 22-carat gold coin in on its way. Guaranteed and insured by Federal Express,

Super stability with no volitility.

Our private closed system allows for complete security and stability. No actual monetary value is ever stored in
 your wallets. Each Bullion token represents a receipt for a credit of a fractional potential interest in an American Gold Eagle coin.


Start on the path to wealth preservation today!

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Bullion is one of the very few tokens which are backed by US currency.

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