Token Terms

1. GENERAL: The terms and conditions on this form constitute the entire agreement between the parties (“Party” and/or “Parties”, “Purchaser”) All sales of Bullion Tokens (the “Tokens”) by Bullion Assets International, LLC (“Company”) are expressly conditioned under the Terms and Conditions set below (the “Terms”) which are the only Terms of this sales and supersede all prior negotiations, correspondence, and statements. These Terms may in some instances conflict with those of the Member’s buy order. If so, such Terms not in conformance with these Terms are rejected and Company’s Terms shall govern. Acceptance of Member’s order is expressly conditioned upon Member’s acceptance of or assent to Company’s Terms which shall be established by a written acknowledgment, by implication, or by acceptance or payment for products ordered hereunder. Company’s failure to object to provisions contained in any communication from Member shall not be deemed a waiver of these Terms. Any changes in these Terms must specifically be agreed to in writing and signed by a Company officer before becoming binding. Retention by Member of any products sold hereunder shall conclusively deem acceptance of these Terms.

2. DEFINITIONS: The Company is not a commercial or private bank and does not provide any type of banking services. Bullion Wealth Preservation Club (“BWPC”) represents a private membership club for members only. It means BWPC was created to assist their members to save up for American Gold Eagle, 22-carat pure gold coins. After seventy-two (72) hours all sales of Bullion tokens are final and are not eligible for return in fiat money or credit or debit card refunds. American Gold Eagle coins shall mean 99.99 fine gold coins in various configurations made by the United States Mint. Method of Payments shall mean methods of payment used by the Member to pay the Company.

3. GUARANTEE OF PURCHASE & DELIVERY: We guarantee that each time a Member desires to redeem their Token in a sufficient amount, the Company will fill their gold coin order within 24 hours. Their official American Gold Eagle 22-carat gold coin shall be delivered to the address on file at the time of their creating an account with the Company.

4. METHOD OF PAYMENTS: Approved methods of payments are: cash, credit card, debit card, PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union, bank draft, EFT, ACH, and bank wire. Payment is considered completed only after the money gets positively deposited and has been cleared into the Company’s bank account. Delay could be non-existent or in case of non-verified credit card and or debit card last up to 185 days. Purchased Coin(s) shall become available after those delays expire. Only way for instant purchases is by having cleared funds in an account ready for purchases.

5. FEES: The Company shall charge fees for every transaction. Fees may be administrative, cancellation, returned parcel, market loss.

6. RIGHT TO REFUSE SALES: The Company keeps right to refuse sales for any reason or no reason at all. Very large transactions are subject to per case negotiations. Any attempts to circumvent the sales system, post fraudulent payment or attempt to defraud other BWPC members shall result in termination of the Member’s account for life.

7. TAXES: No sales tax is charged on sales of precious metals to United States buyers No sales tax is charged to any foreign Members. The Company shall not report purchases to any tax agency. It is the Member’s sole responsibility for any personal tax reporting regardless of country of Member’s country of residence.

8. SHIPMENT: All shipments are made to Member’s address received upon account creation unless otherwise specified. In the absence of specific instructions, the Company selects the carrier. Registered mail is used for intra United States documents mailings. Courier delivery for everything else. Physical gold delivery is done by pre-paid, insured courier partner which is Federal Express. Title to products and risk of loss pass to the Member upon signing off delivery service by Member.

9. MARKET RISKS: Buying precious metals is subject to market risks beyond anybody’s control. The Member buys gold at their own will and risk and agrees to indemnify and hold the Company harmless against and defend the Company from, any and all suits, claims, demands, losses, causes of action and judgments relating damages, whether for personal injury or to personal property, suffered by any person, firm, corporation or business association, including, but not limited to. The Company’s sales representatives shall not dispense investment advice.

10. ORDER CANCELLATION: If the order for Bullion Tokens was received, money cleared and Tokens deposited into the Member’s Bullion Wallet (the “Wallet) and after an initial seventy-two (72) hours after purchase both the Member and the Company agree this sale shall be considered non-cancellable and as such no eligible for a refund or chargeback. The only course of action left is either accumulate enough Tokens to effectuate a sale for an American Gold Eagle coin or in some cases, use the Tokens as tender with a local Authorized Bullion Affiliate (ABA) for merchandise they offer. 

11. EXCLUSION OF WARRANTIES: The Company assigns to its customer those warranties and only those warranties by its vendors. The Company does not itself warrant any product which it sells. The Company does represent that the products it sells are only American Gold Eagle 22-carat gold coins produced by the United States Mint and is 99.99% gold clearly marked, and serialized where applicable. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR OTHERWISE, WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTION ON THE FACE HEREOF. IN NO CASE SHALL COMPANY BE LIABLE TO ANYONE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES FOR BREACH OF THIS OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OR ANY OTHER BASIS OF LIABILITY WHATSOEVER, EVEN IF THE LOSS OR DAMAGE IS CAUSED BY ITS OWN NEGLIGENCE OR FAULT.

12. SELLING BACK TO THE COMPANY: The Member can sell their gold holdings to the Company. The Company shall pay the Member the current gold price for the coin at that timeless a $250 USD transaction fee. The Company shall buy back Member-provided gold that was obtained for the Member by the Company. No third party gold shall be accepted.

13. CHANGES AND AMENDMENTS: The Company retains the right to amend and change Terms and Conditions at any time. Check this page often for up to date information. Gold pricing, fees, and total cost shall change according to market movements at any time.

14. RIGHT TO STOP SALES: The Company shall keep right to stop online sales at any moment due to extreme market volatility where any stable pricing and transactions are not possible.

16. ACCOUNT TERMINATION: BWPC membership may be terminated by the Company or Member at any time. For attempts of fraud or offenses, the Company may terminate BWPC membership without announcement. The same kind of holdings redemption shall be available for former Member.


17. WAIVER: No waiver by The Company of any of these Terms shall be deemed to constitute a waiver of any other terms or waiver of the same or any other provision with regard to portions of this transaction or future transactions.

18. ERRORS: Stenographic and clerical errors and omissions in the Member’s invoice(s) are subject to correction.

19. APPLICABLE LAW: This agreement shall be deemed entered into under the laws of the State of Wyoming, USA and these laws shall govern its validity, performance, and construction.

20. COPYRIGHTS, TRADEMARKS: BWPC, Bullion Tokens, Bullion Assets International name, logo, BWPC name, and logo are owned by Bullion Assets International, LLC registered in the State of Wyoming. Precious metals – products names, appearances, pictures, and markings are owned by corresponding manufacturers and are shown on this website purely for marketing and sales purposes only.


21. DEMAND FOR ENGLISH: The Company, by making this agreement available to the Member, confirms that all documents and notices relating thereto be drafted in the English language only.

Bullion is one of the very few tokens which are backed by US currency.

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